i have this blog so i might as well use it

i wanted to ignore this
to move on and not use this
blog of mine
but then i realized
i have this so i might as well
use it
if for nothing else
than to write words in it
at least show up and
i was motivated to really get
back to writing
after i read the letter
Sol Lewitt wrote to
Eva Hesse
way back then
about doing bad art
and not worrying about anything else
but doing bad art
not impressing anyone
not even yourself
but to make something bad
enjoy it because it will
bre ak
up your inability to create
when you have no care in the world
about what you make
you must come to grips
that it won’t matter either way
to press on to
to make bad words
that do not fit
no matter how hard you try
to put the tractor into the
pickle jar
don’t you know silly
you first have to eat all the
then the jar will be void
of all things pickles
except the smell
of tractor grease and dill
oh the thrill
of knowing what you did
to get the tractor mixed in
with the dill
un till
the cows come home
and that’s when you realize
the tractor is in the pickle jar

Published by Brian Sommers

I'm an abstract artist and a jeweler. I've been involved in flight simulation since mid 1980's as my hobby.

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