my worksheet 5-7-20

im trying to write lists
my problem is whenever i attempt this
its easier to write it out
like a poem
that isnt a poem
and most list ideas
never connect
directly with me

make a plan to decrease the clutter what can i sell or give away
this isnt difficult to do
all my jewelry tools
my little table
my wheeled cart
i want it to all go away
i don’t need the space
i want the space
i want to see lots of empty space
in my writing room
for some reason
i think it will make me a better
i want the chair from the van
i think it would nice to sit on in my writing room

now i want to write a poem about
my writing room
how many lives it lived before
i now sit in here and write
nothing old but new
retaining the old rug
stained in paint hues
we are to focused on saving our money
then to spend it
to buy a new carpet
i like seeing where ive been before
in my past
but moving forward.

-my writing desk

shy of 28 inches deep.
60 inches long.
4 legs at each corner.
minimalistic open design.
29 inches high.
in the corner of my writing room.
a modem/wi-fi router.
1 40 inch smart tv as a monitor
dangles 4 post-it notes on the bottom edge
acting like a hanger.
1 back scratcher.
1 box of tissues.
1 box of G-2 pilot bold blue refills.
1 small plastic bottle of eyeglass cleaner.
1 small black stapler.
1 crossed-hatched metal pen and pencil holder.
1 glacier-point, red water bottle.
1 thirstystone slice-of-a-slab water sucking coaster.
the remote and my dish hopper.
3 to-do lists
printed on vertically-folded-in-half-paper.
variable strengths of dark chocolate opened
in hanging tinfoil wrangled wrappers.
1 opened round tin of book darts darting.
1 4 inch square lint-free cloth cleaner.
1 orange glo highlighter.
2 pilot g-2 bold blue pens extended.
1 normal sized sharpie marker.
a photographers lens brush and blower.
clear ‘scotch’ tape in its own dispenser.
my cell phone wrapped up in the ottobox defender.
1 5″ x 7″ notebook opened.
1 black fake 3″ x 3-1/2″ field-notes lay ruffled.
more pale yellow post-it notes
stuck on top like sticky suckers.
on the right side corner
another water wicking stone coaster.
2 piles of 8 books of poetry by other authors.
some scrap paper.
at the back right edge lie
2 recipes that i plan to make sometime.
1 computer keyboard lies
slanted on top of it all
besides my thin rubberized pad
where a mouse on top, nervously nibbles.

my keyboard shelf
    slips out from below 
    and there sits
    1 royal typewriter 
    where I can ignore screen glow.

and this
is where i have the daily privilege
of being a word blacksmith
hammering miniature letters into paper

(personal notes on the poem above.
now that i have written something like this
i have no desire to write a short story.
i know now where i have landed.)

there is this old strange creepy wierd guy in the neighborhood who is a tinkerer and inventer/wierd scientist, etc some younger kids in the neighborhood think hes from the future. the kids break or sneak into to his workshop behind his house – no they discover a tunnel in the bushes/trees by this guys old house and it leads to his secret lab/work shop and the find this old machine there that have several seats in it. they all hope in and turn it on but nothing happens. they see this strange like bird device with two seats in it and they think its a lame attempt at making a plane but when they get in and turn it on, nothing happens until that activate the lever that flaps the wings and they barley move it and they begin to rise off the ground. they don’t know it but they just discovered an anti-gravity machine. the wings are made of material that reflect the forces of gravity. this is a great idea because i get to do the dungeon crawl/tunnell thing along with the anti-gravity machine thing.
what goes wrong?
they almost get found out
they crash./ruin the machine
or maybe nothing: they just have a fun time just flying around one night under a bright full moon.

opposite of watered down; as in:
my coffee was watered down
opposite is not strong coffee but:
my coffee was milked down

so the opposite of a watered down coffee
is a milked down coffee

i like my coffee weak with milk
i like the sound of that line
maybe i need to work on a poem about coffee.

maybe making it more poetic:
i like my coffee weak with cow juice
that’s just stupid
remember above all is write it clean, clear and simple

Published by Brian Sommers

I'm an abstract artist and a jeweler. I've been involved in flight simulation since mid 1980's as my hobby.

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