the words i typed today monday 5-11-2020

The lost typewriter is found
on our way home from picking up our groceries and food for lunch on saturday 5-9-20

we were on our road when my wife happened
to look over at an abandoned house
and saw a huge box sitting
by the door in their entrance
she thought for sure what was my typewriter
we went home because i was nervous
about just driving on someone else’s property
and snooping around so
i had to call the police to make sure it
was ok
and when the officer called back
she was almost dumbfounded
and said well if there is no one
living there go ahead and look at it
and i was like but i wanted to make sure
this was ok and she was like
“duh” without saying the word duh
then we drove back and
checked and it had my name and the senders
we took it and i let it sit in my room
until monday to open it up
now come today, monday
i open it up
what a mess!
it’s the worst best packing
i’ve ever seen
loose foam peanuts
locked together
with spray foam
that sticks to the saran wrap
on the outside of the typewriter
as well as the cardboard
of the box
everything has glued itself
together and i’m
not sure how to get
everything undone
then in the mean time
when i thought all was
lost and i’d never see
my typewriter again
before i found it
i bid on another typewriter
and won that
so we will see what is the best
typewriter when the other
comes in.
i need to be better with
my money and save it
instead of buying typewriters.
so i’m done
between the two
i should have a nice
collection for now
until i can add
an Olympia SM3
and a Hermes Baby/Rocket
and perhaps a
Hermes 2000
then we’ll call it a day

by the way the typewriter
was dropped off at
my address is
i’m convinced the fedex
driver thought there
was a mistake made
and corrected it himself
this is a good lesson
in not overthinking and
assuming a mistake
was made
he never drove
to our house
it wouldn’t have
mattered as we
just put in a new
mailbox and it
didn’t have numbers
now it has our numbers
and our last name

just took my
and coffee and
from 1007-1025 hrs

i can hardly wait for lunch
because i get our (my wife’s and I)
mexican lunch leftovers
from mothers day
although what i really
want is my hotdog
with chili on it
that is what i want.

after wrangling my Royal
typewriter out of it’s
coffin of packing:

Published by Brian Sommers

I'm an abstract artist and a jeweler. I've been involved in flight simulation since mid 1980's as my hobby.

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