what i typed saturday

on 5-9-2020

Today is my wife’s and I
wedding anniversary
She is the love of my life
I can’t believe she loves me and
married me years ago
It’s been 15 years of

i bought a royal typewriter
off of ebay
it was supposed to be delivered
friday may 8, 2020
the tracking number
said it was
but when i opened my front door
there was nothing there
i finally got through to fedex
saturday morning 5/9/20
and now it’s in their system
the driver will be contacted
and hopefully i’ll get the machine
at some point.
in the meantime i found
a typewriter i really want.

it’s hard to write
something worthwhile reading
when all your focus
is on trying to find out
what happened to my
typewriter and where it went
and will i get my money back


it’s hard to write
when my mind is
typewriter focused
on where it went
and will i get my money back?

(i like the latter better
trim trim trim the
words always better.)

I can’t get rid of my weird bird story
i’m contemplating that it is more
alien type than extinct
i like this better

maybe this alien bird
maybe isn’t alien
maybe it’s a machine
that is spying on people

or maybe
it’s 100% pure alien
no i’m not sure i like that either
because it needs to be made
in a lab

so it needs to be some
type of animal
maybe a hint of weird science
i like that

i mean think about it:
scientists create something
that could light up (using lightning bug dna)
maybe they could reconstruct dna
that could make it breath fire

think about a cockroach mixed in with some dinosaur
wouldn’t you end up with a form of a xenomorph.

Published by Brian Sommers

I'm an abstract artist and a jeweler. I've been involved in flight simulation since mid 1980's as my hobby.

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