when you thought you had more ketchup

Warning: this poem has crude humor. -realizing you’re out of ketchup when you thought you had more trying to write a poemwhen nothing comes tomind reminds mewhen you’re lookingforward to eatingketchup like on your friesonly to findthat the ketchupis low in the bottlelike low tidewhen you wantedhigh tidewhen you were upat five a.m. fishing withContinue reading “when you thought you had more ketchup”

the little i worked on yesterday 5-20-20 wednesday

-how do i sleep whenever i stay overnightat a relative’s housethe next morningthey always askhow did you sleep last night on my right sidewith my right hand wedgedunder my right eyelike a golfer’s number fivelifting my eye fromsinking into the sandof four pillowsprotecting me frommy own stomach acid (<—- i think i might end itContinue reading “the little i worked on yesterday 5-20-20 wednesday”

what i wrote today thursday 5-14-20

so i don’t get out muchi just discovered Billy Collinshe is now my favorite poeti want to read all of his worksi love his common everydayrich imageryi hope i can learn from him***write about a cockroachthat is barely alivejust enoughto barely crawlfrom the water coolerto the living room floorand that’s wheni endedhis travelsand then didn’twantContinue reading “what i wrote today thursday 5-14-20”

the words i typed today monday 5-11-2020

The lost typewriter is foundon our way home from picking up our groceries and food for lunch on saturday 5-9-20 we were on our road when my wife happenedto look over at an abandoned houseand saw a huge box sittingby the door in their entranceshe thought for sure what was my typewriterwe went home becauseContinue reading “the words i typed today monday 5-11-2020”

what i typed saturday

on 5-9-2020 Today is my wife’s and Iwedding anniversaryShe is the love of my lifeI can’t believe she loves me andmarried me years agoIt’s been 15 years ofwonder! i bought a royal typewriteroff of ebayit was supposed to be deliveredfriday may 8, 2020the tracking numbersaid it wasbut when i opened my front doorthere was nothingContinue reading “what i typed saturday”

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