the words i typed today monday 5-11-2020

The lost typewriter is foundon our way home from picking up our groceries and food for lunch on saturday 5-9-20 we were on our road when my wife happenedto look over at an abandoned houseand saw a huge box sittingby the door in their entranceshe thought for sure what was my typewriterwe went home becauseContinue reading “the words i typed today monday 5-11-2020”

what i typed saturday

on 5-9-2020 Today is my wife’s and Iwedding anniversaryShe is the love of my lifeI can’t believe she loves me andmarried me years agoIt’s been 15 years ofwonder! i bought a royal typewriteroff of ebayit was supposed to be deliveredfriday may 8, 2020the tracking numbersaid it wasbut when i opened my front doorthere was nothingContinue reading “what i typed saturday”

my bad work i did on monday

Monday, an hour before noonand this is when I begin?I know I need to readbut I also need to writewriting is the most importantbut I want to write abouthappy thingsballoonssweetsdonutsice creamI want to writealistpoemor maybe a black out poemI need newspaperswith a good Tombow markerand go to townand start redactingall the good stuffthat should beContinue reading “my bad work i did on monday”

i have this blog so i might as well use it

i wanted to ignore thisto move on and not use thisblog of minebut then i realizedi have this so i might as welluse itif for nothing elsethan to write words in itat least show up andpretend***i was motivated to really getback to writingwordsagainafter i read the letterSol Lewitt wrote toEva Hesseway back thenabout doing badContinue reading “i have this blog so i might as well use it”

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