This is what I wrote today 2/11/20 Tue.

2-11-20 Tuesday The Hotdog I’ve been eating one a day for lunchthis whole week.I used to nuke it for one minutebut now, only thirty seconds.It’s a lot jucier,beforeit was dried out and wrinkledI put a wiggly line of ketchup on itnothing elsenot even bread, I’m trying to cut down on my carbs.I’m concerned I standContinue reading “This is what I wrote today 2/11/20 Tue.”

why cant they sit still?

So I’m watching this: I like Kelly, but she, like all talk show hosts work to hard. Why can’t they just sit still? I’m wondering, are they being instructed to over do the emotions. Look at Tom in this situation. He’s calm. I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have a talk show that’s calm.Continue reading “why cant they sit still?”

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